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Hot Melt Glue Stick
Jul 12, 2018

This product is white opaque (strong type), non-toxic, easy to operate, no carbonization in continuous use. It has the characteristics of fast bonding, high strength, aging resistance, non-toxicity, good thermal stability and film toughness. The shape is sticky and granular.

The hot melt glue stick is a solid type adhesive which is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main material and is added with a tackifier and other components. It has fast adhesion.High strength, anti-aging, non-toxic, good thermal stability. Can be used in wood, plastic, fiber, fabric, metal, furniture, lampshade, leather, crafts, electronic toys, electrical components, paper products, ceramics, pearl cotton packaging, etc. Mutual solids, can be used universally for factories, homes.

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