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Colloidal Event
Jul 12, 2018

The rubber pellet incident occurred in July 2012. The public spontaneously went to various parts of Hong Kong to clean up the rubber pellets. The number of rubber pellets in some locations such as Mui Wo and Wohai Bay in Lantau Island has been significantly reduced. It is considered a good thing for the ring group and hopes to "glue disaster". End as soon as possible. Sinopec said yesterday that it has not received a report on the CSCL that carries the rubber pellets. It has not been able to determine the location of the container that carries the rubber pellets. It is difficult to determine who is responsible.

Sinopec: China Shipping Containers Unpaid Report

The Hong Kong Ming Pao reported that Sinopec said that due to the limited number of employees in Sinopec, 230 people were hired to clean up the rubber pellets in various districts. The daily salary was "beyond" 200 yuan for the volunteers, but the actual amount was not disclosed. It is reported that Sinopec has held a meeting with several environmental groups today to discuss the allocation of funds to clean up the rubber pellets.

Yesterday, there was still a ring group to organize the clean-up of rubber pellets. The environmental protection tentacles convened 300 volunteers to Mui Wo and Sesame Bay. Upon arrival, it was found that there was almost no glue-free grain. Therefore, it was changed to Cheung Chau Tung Wan and Kwun Yat Wan. The number of colloidal particles on site is small. As for the rubber pellets that had been cleaned up in Cheung Chau last week, it was found that there were rubber pellets washed ashore again, but the number was small. The public could find the rubber pellets by taking more sand. Miss Luo and her friends came to pick up the rubber pellets. They only found dozens of tablets in two hours. She said that the reduction in the number of rubber pellets is a good thing. I hope that this ecological disaster will soon end.

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