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Hot Melt Glue Stick Manufacturing Process
Jul 12, 2018

1. Weigh the raw materials according to the proportion of the hot melt glue stick formula and add to the reaction kettle. The temperature is raised to melt and stirred evenly. Then, the melted compound in the reaction vessel is cooled to a certain temperature and placed in the running extruder, and the extrusion speed of the extruder can be selected according to the type of the rubber. The extruder squeezes the hot melt glue into the water tank through a trapped extrusion hole on the extrusion head, and the hot melt glue is immediately shaped by the cooling water, and the glue stick is initially cooled and shaped by the first cooling water tank, and the tractor is passed through the traction machine. The traction enters the second cooling water tank, and the rubber sample is fully cooled and shaped in the second cooling water tank. The running speed of the glue stick in the water tank is controlled by the extrusion speed of the extruder, so that the traction speed and extrusion of the tractor Machine extrusion speed is synchronized.

2. Adjust and control the relationship between extrusion speed, cooling set speed and traction speed, and then cut the cooled glue stick into a finished product.

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