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Hot melt machine
Jul 12, 2018

Hot melt adhesive machine in the home appliance industry, automotive industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven fabric industry, packaging industry, packaging label industry, shoe materials industry, medical dressing industry, toy crafts industry, clothing industry, etc. They all have a very big role. In the manufacture of automotive air conditioning filters, most of them are hot melt adhesive bonding technology.

1.The inner surface of the rubber box is coated with Teflon to prevent carbonization, ensuring the best state of the gel and reducing clogging.

2.The gear pump adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to accurately control the glue output.

3.The precision filter device removes impurities and prevents the nozzle from being clogged.

4.The temperature is controlled by precise PID.

5.The control system has high and low temperature protection functions to prevent equipment damage.

Applications: Refrigerator sealing and filling, air filter industry, automotive lamp industry, non-woven industry, with coating machine.

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