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Hot melt glue gun use method
Jul 12, 2018

1. Before inserting the hot melt glue gun into the power supply, please check whether the power cord is intact or not, and whether the bracket is ready; whether the used glue gun has inverted glue, etc.


2.Please preheat the glue gun for 3-5 minutes before use. Please stand upright on the table when the glue gun is not in use.

3.Please keep the surface of the hot melt adhesive strip clean to prevent impurities from blocking the nozzle.

4.If the glue gun is found to be incapable of being glued during use, please check if the glue gun is hot;

If the glue gun does not heat normally, the cause may be:

1.the glue gun power supply is not plugged in;

2.the glue gun burned out due to a short circuit.

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