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High temperature glue use method
Jul 12, 2018

1. Surface treatment: Remove the loose material on the surface of the substrate and sand it with sandblasting, electric grinding wheel, wire brush or coarse sandpaper to improve the roughness of the repaired surface. Wipe with acetone or alcohol cleaner to clean the surface.

2. Gluing: The repairing agent is composed of two components A and B. When used, the main agent A and curing agent B are thoroughly mixed to a uniform color according to the specified ratio, and used within the specified usable time. Finish, the glue can not be reused;

3. Apply the mixed repairing agent to the surface of the treated substrate. Apply even force and repeatedly press to ensure the material is in full contact with the surface of the substrate to achieve the best results. When multiple layers of glue are required, the original glued surface needs to be treated before being applied;

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