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High temperature glue basic classification
Jul 12, 2018

High-temperature glue classification: High-temperature glue can be divided into two categories: organic high-temperature glue and inorganic high-temperature glue.

Organic silicone

Common silicone high temperature adhesives generally have a temperature range below 400 ° C, and mainly include silicone rubber, phenolic resin glue, urea formaldehyde resin glue, temperature resistant epoxy glue, polyimide glue and the like. Such glues can be soft, elastic, or tough, or rigid. Such glues can generally be added with functional fillers to impart insulation, thermal conductivity, magnetic permeability, fire resistance, flame retardancy and the like.

Inorganic glue

Common inorganic high-temperature glues can generally reach 500-1750 ° C, the most original glues include clay, cement, etc., industrial production includes silicates, aluminum sulfates, phosphate salts. These glues are almost rigid and have almost no toughness. This type of glue can be used for bonding asbestos, ceramics, gold carbide and the like.

High-temperature glue can be divided into sealed high-temperature glue and adhesive-filled high-temperature glue according to the application.

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