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High temperature glue
Jul 12, 2018

High-temperature glue is mainly made of aluminosilicate, inorganic ceramic powder and other components. It is a high-temperature glue that meets different temperature requirements. It has a temperature range from 200 to 1800 degrees and is widely used.

Inorganic high-temperature glue can reach 1800 °C, and can be used in fire for a long time, breaking the worldwide technical problem that the high-temperature adhesive is only resistant to temperatures below 1300 °C. High temperature glue is a kind of high temperature resistant inorganic nanocomposite binder made by polycondensation of inorganic nanomaterials. By screening the distribution ratio and preparation process parameters, the binder is a neutral suspension suspension system. It not only has strong bonding force and is non-corrosive to the metal substrate, but also can maintain good bonding performance and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, and has a long service life. The high temperature glue is easy to use and can be used for direct bonding of high temperature resistant materials. The coating can be directly sprayed on the surface of the high temperature substrate of 400-1000 ° C. When the water is volatilized, the coating will adhere to the surface of the substrate instantaneously, forming a high temperature resistant coating. The layer is uniform and compact, with good thermal shock resistance and remarkable protection effect. High temperature adhesives are used in a wide range of applications, from metal substrates to high temperature refractories and high temperature kiln lining materials.

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