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Glue classification
Jul 12, 2018

adhesive properties

Animal glue, vegetable gum, inorganic and mineral, synthetic elastomer, synthetic thermoplastic

Synthetic thermosetting materials, thermosetting, thermoplastic materials and elastomer composite.

physical form

Solvent-free liquid, organic solvent liquid, water-based liquid, paste, paste, powder, granular, block

Sheet, membrane, mesh, ribbon, filament, strip, rod

hardening method

Low temperature hardening; room temperature hardening; warming hardening; suitable for hardening in various temperature zones; reaction curing with water; anaerobic curing; radiation (light, electron beam, radiation) curing hot melt cold hardening; pressure sensitive bonding coagulation or coagulation; The air solidifies.


Multi-class materials; wood; paper; natural fiber D; synthetic fiber; polyolefin fiber (excluding E); metal and alloy; difficult-to-bond metal (gold, silver, copper, etc.); metal fiber, inorganic fiber; (glass, gemstone, etc.); opaque inorganic material; natural rubber; synthetic rubber; hard-adhesive rubber (silicone rubber, fluoroelastomer, butyl rubber), hard plastic, plastic film; leather, synthetic leather, foam plastic; And film (fluoroplastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.); biological tissue bone and tooth material;

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