Hot Melt for EPE Foam

1.Product Name:Hot melt for EPE Foam
2.Product Description:
(1) Color:transparent white
(2)The softening point:75℃±5℃
(3)Melt viscosity:3000 CPS+ 200 (mpa.s/180 ℃)
(4)The use of temperature:120℃-160℃
(5)Opening hours:10~15S

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1.Product Name:Hot melt for EPE Foam

2.Product Description: 

(1) Color:transparent white

(2)The softening point:75℃±5℃

(3)Melt viscosity:3000 CPS+ 200 (mpa.s/180 ℃)

(4)The use of temperature:120℃-160℃

(5)Opening hours:10~15S

(6)Raw material:EVA resin, C5/C9 petroleum resin, rosin, paraffin, VA content and viscosity regulator of 18-33 antioxidant.

(7)Application: The market circulation, all kinds of paper products, craft products,Electronic components fixed ,fabrics, cotton, nylon cloth, wood, jewelry, bag,etc.



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